Sunday, June 20, 2010

BRW June 20 Meet and Ride Report

The Boston Retro Wheelmen had their third meet today. The agenda was coffee, a short ride, and a wheel truing workshop. It was a hot and humid day, with the threat of showers, but thankfully the rain held out until after the event was over!  To beat the heat before and after the ride, there were shady trees outside of Peet's and, more importantly, in Cycler's back yard for the truing workshop. In all, about a dozen people showed up.

Heading out from Harvard Square, we made a short pit-stop at Cycler's house to drop off the truing stands for the truing workshop. We then headed out along Memorial Drive toward Watertown.

We looped back around Cambridge Cemetery, and headed back to the Square via Mt. Auburn Street.

No group ride is complete without a group shot, so we detoured through Longfellow Park to pose with our bikes.

Time trials, anyone?

Back through the Square, and off to Cycler's house for Wheel Truing 101. Cycler graciously provided cookies and lemonade, in addition to the discarded practice wheels she picked from Menotomy Bikes for the exercise.  Brian and I provided the truing stands and spoke wrenches. Ironically, the salvaged wheels were perfectly true. No problem, Brian made some random spoke adjustments to one to throw it out of true, then demonstrated how to bring it back to lateral true-ness.

What quickly became apparent is that there is no one "correct" way to true a wheel: it's a nuanced art and everyone has their own methods and tricks of the trade. Brian and I shared our own nuggets of truing wisdom, and I think everyone learned something-- including me and Brian.

Thanks to everyone who made it today, and thanks to Cycler for the shady space, the practice wheels, and the lemonade and cookies! All in all a great time. Next meet will probably see a longer ride, but still end with a workshop. Ideas and input for the next workshop are welcome... Hub rebuilding? Headset rebuilding?

More photos from today's event can be seen here.


Sarah said...

sounds fun and edifying! I'm sorry I wasn't able to join you guys--I have many questions that require a little expertise--but I'm in JP, aka the other side of the universe, and didn't have time to get there and back. Funny how most of the vintage 3-speed action is on your side of the river--here I cycle in a sea of fixies. Another time though.

Velouria said...

Fantastic turnout and pictures!

Corey K said...

I would love to have been there, if only for the coffee.

(I worked for Alfred Peet & Jerry Baldwin in college, and have been a fan of that roaster for -oh jeeze, 26 years now. mmmm, Peet's.)

Getting the feel for truing adjustments is something I would like to pursue.

It looks like you are getting a nice turnout. I expect you'll get some bigger ones as the weather gets better and the word gets out.

Doohickie said...

Looks like fun.

FYI, there's a thread on Bike Forums about a 1930s(?) loop-frame Raleigh for sale for $100 on Cape Cod, in case anyone is interested.

Jon said...

Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment; I had a swell time. The truing tips were much appreciated, and I now have respect for those rusty old steel rims!

I think hub overhaul is a fine subject for the next session.

Sarah said...

Not to digress, but here's a beautiful, clean very unusual (to my eye) 1960 Raleigh on the Boston CL--blue and white with red grips and chrome fenders and a frame that looks like a Colt? Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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